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Hi Guys! Welcome to Alston & Arleen’s small world. We would love to share a glimpse of our journey and what inspired us to start our own cooking blog.

This website is the culmination of our journey that started in 2017. Alston and I met online through social networking. Two souls in search of love and finding something larger than life.  We instantly connected but took our own sweet time to get to know each other. We were poles apart but our mutual love for food is something that kept us engrossed. Since we both were brought up and raised in the busy town of Mumbai, India where street food and variety of cuisines is a common affair, our love for food grew ever since and now it’s never ending. More to our background, Alston is basically half Mangalorean (dad’s side) & East Indian (mom’s side) and well as for me I’m a typical Goan (but not so Goan girl) who loves more of veggies. Having a cultural background of three different states of India means cuisines from three different cultures. So, you can imagine the impact of food and cooking on us. Alston was influenced towards cooking and food since his parents are amazing cooks. As for me I started experimenting in the kitchen since age ten and somewhat became an expert as a grown up. We travelled to Dubai in 2018 and secured ourselves new jobs. Dubai City which is a stirring alchemy of profound traditions, dynamic culture, food paradise and home to millions of people from all the corners of the world & being exposed to such a vast cultural diversity played a big role in taking us a step forward towards our goals. We dated for two years before taking the big leap of faith of getting married and tied the knot on 16th November 2019, the day where two souls became one, our faith in God strengthened and thus, our journey began. The best thing about our married life was cooking together. Alston would always help me out in the kitchen right from cutting, stirring and even doing the dishes (which I hate the most). He would also surprise me with cooking a full meal by himself whenever I was tired or in no mood to cook. With all the support from hubby dearest cooking became a fundamental part of our lives and we started spending more time cooking new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen.


Food is a way of communicating; I believe the energy we pass on through our cooking feeds the body as well as the soul. By writing this blog, we are learning right beside you. We do not have a PhD in cooking, nor we are classically trained chefs or graduates of Le Cordon Bleu. We started this blog to learn more about not only our culinary roots but also cuisines from different culture. Consider this our shared virtual culinary classroom. Every kitchen has a heritage and every recipe has a writer. Knowing the story behind the food– the ancient history, or the family history, or even the history of one particular ingredient– can infuse a dish with meaning. And then a meal becomes more than just food, or something that fills you up physically. Food takes on a deeper significance, and ultimately becomes more nourishing.

If you have found your way to our blog, you are probably somebody who loves food or history. This is a space for us to learn and grow together, inspired by our delicious past. We invite you to subscribe to our website for blog updates and the latest news. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram,  YouTube. We love hearing from our cooking friends, and do our best to respond in a timely manner to comments posted here on my website (I’m not always successful with that, but I do try!). I’m so pleased you are here and part of our growing cooking community.

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